czwartek, 27 marca 2014

Make money sharing valuable content

"Make money online by Nelpersempre" method is for website owners but not only for them. If you are sharing something valuable on your site for example: tutorials, service manuals, exclusive videos, pdfs, games downloads, android apps, php code or anything that your visitors really want - you can earn a lot of money from downloads. 

How? By locking download links using Adgatemedia link locker. Adgatemedia is CPA network that offers awesome link locker. When people want to unlock download link they must fill offer or survey and you get PAID!

 From $0,5 to $30(for french visitor) for single unlock! You don't even have to own any files. Let's say somebody needs youtube video downloader and you know where to find free version on or, you lock the link and share it on your website. If you can provide 100 downloads a day you can easily make $150-$200 a day!

1. Setup of link locker, enter destination url, file name, size in MB:

2. Locked link landing page:

3. After clicking download geotargeted offers shows:

4. Visitor must fill one offer ( i chose simple survey) in order to download requested file:

If your visitors are from England or USA then english offers will appear. Adgatemedia has offers for all countries in the world. 

Do you know how many people can't find simple free things in google, you can find them, lock the links and earn!

Sign up to Adgatemedia they usually accept publishers in 2 days